Bachelor of Science in Criminology can surpass its AACCUP 3rd visit as ‘it has no reason to fail’ assured by Chairperson Dr. Joni Pagandiyan.
When asked about the evaluation of Criminology faculty “In terms of faculty members, all are master’s degree holders but nonetheless still need strengthening and development of each specification,” Dr. Pagandiyan said.


Criminology is the only Department in MPSPC who is consistently producing top notchers in Board Examinations with the collective efforts of its faculty members and students.


Being one of the departments that has a Certificate of Program Compliance, the department is expecting a levelled-up program after the accreditation.
Tasking on areas and completion of documents with academic loads of the faculty members coming in between, and following of laws regarding the procurement of certain facility members and tools were the preparation conducted by the department.

“One of the good things coming out of the accreditation is the discovery of the strengths and weaknesses of the department in order to help the academe in becoming a university it aims and perceived to be,” Dr. Pagandiyan said as he extended his gratitude to the seasoned accreditors. /Tala, The Mocking Bird Staff

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