Master in Public Administration in Mountain Province State Polytechnic College envisions to effectively facilitate the formation of professional leaders and citizens engaged in private and public service who are imbued with values and appropriate skills and who contribute substantially and efficiously to the social, cultural, and economic development of Mountain Province as well as the Cordillera Region, and the Philippines as a whole.

Core Courses

PAm 601      Research Methodology
PAm 602      Statistics and Measurement
PAm 603    Computer Concepts

Major Subjects

From any combination of the following:

PAm 604    Theory of Public Administration
PAm 605    Ethics and Accountability in Public Service
PAm 606   Organizational and Management Theory
PAm 607    The Philippine Administrative System
PAm 608    Public Personnel Administration
PAm 609    Public Fiscal Administration
PAm 610    Local Government Administration
PAm 611    Public Policy Analysis
PAm 612    Politics and Public Administration
PAm 613   Current Issues in Public Administration

Cognate Subjects

6 Units    Students may enroll in any of the subjects/ courses under other programs in the Graduate School

** Final Requirements for Completion**

  • Oral or Written Comprehensive Examination
  • Seminar in Thesis Writing
  • Thesis II   

  * Before a student can enroll Seminar in Thesis Writing, he/she must finish at least 27 units of the required subjects and pass the written or oral comprehensive examination. If a student has completed at least 27 units, he/she can apply for written or oral comprehensive examination.

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