Master of Arts in Education Program in Mountain Province State Polytechnic College specializes in Administration and Supervision. This program is designed to provide opportunities for educators and school administrators to improve themselves for a more enhanced personal and professional development achieved from a sound and quality graduate study.

Basic Courses

Res 201      Methods of Research
Stat 202      Statistics and Measurement
Philo 204     Philosophy of Education

Major Subjects in General Education

From any combination of the following:

Educ. 210 Comparative Education
Educ. 211 Advanced Education Psychology
Educ. 213 Curriculum Construction and Development
Educ. 214 Educational Management
Educ. 215 Sociology of Education
Educ. 216 Advanced Guidance and Counseling
Educ. 217 Educational Leadership
Educ. 218 Human Relations in Education
Educ. 219 Foundations of Education
Educ. 220 Seminar in Teaching
Educ. 221 Legal Bases of Education 
Educ. 222 Cultural Dynamics and Applied Anthropology
Educ. 223 Professional Ethics and Values Education
Educ. 224 Current Trends, Thrusts and Issues in Education

** Final Requirements for Completion** 

  • Oral or Written Comprehensive Examination
  • Seminar in Thesis Writing
  • Thesis II   

  * Before a student can enroll Seminar in Thesis Writing, he/she must finish at least 27 units of the required subjects and pass the written or oral comprehensive examination. If a student has completed at least 27 units, he/she can apply for written or oral comprehensive examination.

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