BS in Forestry
BS in Agro-Forestry
BS in Agriculture
BS in Agricultural Technology (ladderized program)
BS in Environmental Science
Diploma in Forest Technician Certificate
Diploma in Agro-Forestry Technician Certificate

  BS in Forestry

This curriculum is designed to prepare a well-rounded forester with knowledge, skills and values in the art, business and science of forestry. The curriculum is divided into four major parts. The first part is composed of General Education courses (77 units) which is geared toward providing basic knowledge in the arts and sciences. The second part is the core course (78 units) which will develop competencies in the scientific field of forestry science and management needed by all foresters. The third and fourth parts are Thesis/Practicum (12 units) and Elective (six units)respectively.

         Specific professions/careers/occupations or trades that the graduates of these programs may go into varied specializations which include, among others, the following:

BS in Agroforestry

   The Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry (BSAF) is a set of multi-dimensional learning designed to prepare professionals with general competencies in carrying out the science, art and business of a dynamic and interactive process of production, management and utilization of trees and other woody perennials, agricultural crops and/or animals and soils and related environment in the same unit of land arranged either zonally, mixed simultaneously or sequentially for the twin purpose of conservation and socio-economic productivity.

BS in Agriculture

The BSA curriculum is based on competency standards for agriculture. It emphasizes carrying out the science, art, ethics, management and entrepreneurial business in the production, processing and marketing of plants, animals and other organisms utilized for food, fiber, recreation, biomedicine, industrial and other purposes within the context of integrated and sustainable agriculture resource systems.

         Students completing the BSA program will be prepared for careers in various professions namely:

        Farm Management
        Agriculture and Food Technology
        Entrepreneurship and Business in Agriculture

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