The 2nd MPSPC Journalism Conference and Gender Sensitivity writing and TALA Exhibit rouses campus journalism among the students of Mountain Province State Polytechnic College who participated the seminar-write shop last May 5-6 at the college Auditorium.

Embracing the theme “Empowering Campus Journalism Response to Millennial Change”, Tala, the Mocking Bird collaborated with the Gender and Development Office as they aimed to inspire students with talents in journalism to rise and find themselves as they discover and develop their own skills in journalism. The said event sets every department to create their own student publication and improve the existing ones in the college.

The seminar write shop covered various journalism facets like News writing, sports, feature, development communication, editorial, opinion, copyreading and headlining, poetry, photojournalism, editorial cartooning, comics strip drawing, literary graphics and illustration, page layout and design and Journalism Quiz bee.

College President Rexton F. Chakas pointed out in his message that the participants are one of the most powerful people in the world because through the pen, a journalist can make or unmake a person or an event or a situation.

Flordeliza G. Cruz and Julie Grace K. Mi-ing from the Gender and Development Unit lectured on Gender Sensitivity Writing as they open the students to gender issues in the world and how to battle with the said issues.

Editor-in-Chief from various Universities in the Cordillera came and lectured during the seminar. Ms. Heather Ann Pulido of White and Blue of Saint Louis University lectured on Editorial and Opinion Writing. Mr. Meynard Pacleba of the Earthline of Kalinga State University shared his knowledge on Layouting, Page design and Sports writing. Ms. Mylyn Maitang from the Mountain Collegian of Benguet State University spoke on News writing and Development Communication.

Marcial Pineda III, Editor-in –Chief of Tala lectured on Photojournalism and Poetry writing. Chariz L. Ballada, the News editor of Tala lectured on Copyreading and Headlining. Chief Cartoonists Jonathan Tuala with Jude Lalio lectured on Editorial Cartooning and Comic Strip Drawing while Ryan Louis Lucas, the Associate Editor, lectured on Feature Writing.

Rizza Akkang from Liberal arts department bested contenders in the Development Communication when she got 1st place while Zyndy Alva (Liberal Arts) got 2nd place, Myla Panisoc (Liberal Arts) is 3rd place, DIxty Caranto (BSOA) is 4th place, Shereen Padchonga got 5th place and Jessica Morareng got 6th place.

The poetry writing winners are, in English category, Ranel Tangguiac (BSED) got 1st place, Dixty Caranto (BSOA) got 2nd place, Zyndy Alva (LA) as 3rd place, Karen Dicaleng (LA) got 4th place. In the Filipino Category, Trisha Kate Keeg (LA) got 1st place, Wendell Afidchao (IT) got 2nd place and Alma Cuyangoan (BSA) got the 3rd place.

Editorial writing winners are Scarlet Espada (IT) as 1st place, Joy Gamlosen (LA) got 2nd place, Myla Panisoc (LA) got 3rd place, Rubilyn Cuyangoan (BSA) got 4th place and Efren Aguinaldo (BSBA) got 5th.

Ulysis Langayan(BSOA) got 1st place in Editorial Cartooning, followed by Arens Bilog (BSA) who got 2nd place and Rico Changitan(TED).
In the Opinion Writing Category, Jenny Pelayo (BSCRIM) got 1st place, Myla Panisoc (LA) got 2nd place, Scarlet Espada (IT) got 3rd place, Efren Aguinaldo (BSBA) got 4th place and Melvin Maskay (BSOA) got 5th.

Comic Strip Drawing winners are Arens Bilog (BSA) who got 1st place, Ulysis Langagan (BSOA) got 2nd and Daryl Miranda (LA) got 3rd place.

Janus Piluden got 1st place in Feature writing English Category, Jenny Pelayo (BSCRIM) got 2nd place and Alyssa Bantasan (BSCRIM) got 3rd place. In the Filipino Category, Jelica Oyad (IT) got 1st place, Jonalyn Mi-ing got 2nd and Victoria Awis (TED) got 3rd place.

Karl Mararac (BSCRIM) got 1st place in Literary Graphics and Illustration, Ulysis Langagan(BSOA) got 2nd and Arens Bilog (BSA) got 3rd place.

Mylene Gamlosen (TED) got 1st place in Copyreading and Headlining, Alyssa Bantasan (BSCRIM) got 2nd, Janus Cooper Piluden (BSBA) got 3rd place, Karen Dicaleng (LA) got 4th place, Diana Jane SIson (BSCRIM) got 5th and Jenny Pelayo (BSCRIM) got 6th.

Jonalyn Mi-ing`(LA) got 1st place in News Writing, Riza Akkang (LA) got 2nd, Marinella Pacalso (BSA) got 3rd place, Ruth Pachao garnered the 4th place, Ashley Cate Oliquiano (I.T.) , Janice Chao-angan (I.T.) and Querobin Besoy (I.T.) all got 5th place.

May-ann Garcia (BSIT) got 1st place in Layouting and Page Design, Alderson Manfalang (BSCRIM) got 2nd place and Valorie Khayad (LA) got 3rd.

The Office Administration Department got the 1st place in the Journalism Quiz Bee, Teacher Education got 2nd place, Criminology got 3rd place, Liberal Arts got 4th and Accountancy got 5th place.

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