MPSPC obtained a rating of 99.54 % in an assessment made by a team from the Board of Criminologists (BOC) and the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) which visited the College last August 2, 2018. This rating shows how the management of the College, faculty and staff included, worked well to ensure quality criminal justice education at MPSPC.


The evaluation of the program was intended to ensure quality in the criminology education in the College. The Criminology program at MPSPC was offered first in 1999. From its inception, steps were taken in order to improve facilities and beef up the faculty. The program produced four (4) top ten placers in the Licensure Exams for Criminologists. The passing rate in the same exams had always been consistently high, even surpassing the national passing rate.

The demand for Criminology graduates is high. Thus, it is imperative that our graduates must be competitive. They must not only be able to pass the licensure exams, but they must have been trained well with the best faculty members available and with the latest training paraphernalia.

According to Dr. Joni Pagandiyan, Chairperson of the Criminology Department, “the raising of the salary of the law enforcers in the country made a great impact on the enrollment in the program. This challenged us to provide the latest training needs of the students. We have to produce graduates who must be well-versed in the field, trained, and ready to be engaged.”

Dr. Pagandiyan further said the rating makes the College proud and at the same time assures its stakeholders the College is serious on our cause for quality education. He said the faculty of the program must not sleep on its laurels, so to speak. The swift paradigm shift in the educational system, the nature of students, and the demand of this changing world set the faculty to continually be adapting and accepting different methods and procedures.

“It is well appreciated that amidst the loopholes and challenges faced by the College, we still obtained such high rating. The .46 % gap for 100% is not on any other problems such as facilities and the like rather it is because we call the head of the Department of Criminology as Chairperson not as Dean [as recommended by the assessors],” the College President stated during the Monday flag raising ceremony immediately after the assessment.
The team was composed of Dr. Ruben A. Sta. Teresa and Dr. George O. Fernandez from the Board of Criminologists and Mr. Nino Emmanuelle A. Celeste from PRC-CAR. The team evaluated the curriculum, the students’ activities and performances, enrolment rate, faculty profile, library holdings, equipment and laboratories and the like.

It can be viewed that the College has been putting efforts on this program. With the newly acquired lot in Faliling, Bontoc, a shooting range and other facilities that this program needs were proposed and will be started upon the approval of the budget and infrastructure blueprint. //James T. Tulipa Jr.|RoadRoller

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