With the waves of the new students who just graduated from their senior high schools, it was expected that the enrolment rate of the College will increase. However, in comparison with the enrolment data last 2015, it was seen that there was an 18% decrease of the numbers of enrollees.


In 2015, when we had the last big number of freshmen, their enrollment numbered 1,519 enrollees. This 2018, the College registered 1,246 freshmen enrollees with Bontoc Campus having 989 enrollees and Tadian Campus having 257 enrollees.

In the data released by the Registrar’s Office, the banner program of the College which is the Bachelor of Science in Criminology still got the highest number of first years with 370 enrollees followed by Teacher Education with 164 enrollees.

With the new guided admission test, the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness finally got enrollees, having 7 (3 in Bontoc and 4 in Tadian) and 9, respectively. It is hoped that in the following years, both bachelor degrees will be appreciated and soon gain more enrollees.

Overall, the College, with combined enrollees from the two campuses, has a total of 3,704 students. The Bontoc Campus has 2895 while Tadian has 809 students.

In the pool survey of 104 students selected from the total population of freshmen, it can be noted that most of the first year students chose to take their higher education in the College since it is accessible and it is near to their home barangay aside from the reason of a free tuition fee. According to Esther Aliswag, 1st year BSBA Marketing student from Sadanga, “I chose MPSPC as my school because all my friends are here and that it is nearer home. I also want to experience what MPSPC can offer me to prove that MPSPC is a school worth studying in.” Kevin Jones Pascual, 1st BS Crim from Guinzadan Sur, shared that within the three weeks experience in the College, he observed that most instructors are willing to guide them as well as teach them values of discipline and the sense of responsibility. .//James T. Tulipa Jr.|RoadRoller

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