With the theme, “Valuing the Past… Strengthening our Ties… Weaving Lasting Legacies…” the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College celebrates its 48th Foundation Anniversary and the First Grand Alumni Homecoming today. Alumni coming from different places, students, MPSPC staff and visitors graced the said event with their presence as they started with a parade around the community.
The college president Dr. Rexton F. Chakas warmly welcomed everybody. He said “48 years ago today and the grand alumni homecoming develop and improve this institution.”


Attorney Amador Batay-an, the Provincial Administrator, Delivered the message in behalf of the Provincial Governor, Bonifacio C. Lacwaan. Jr. who did not make it to attend the said event. He extends his congratulations to the institution and to the alumni members. He reminisced the history of how the MPSPC started its humble beginnings up to present. He recalled that the Mountain Province College (MPC) becomes Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) through the effort of the Late Hon. Victor Dominguez. At the end of his message, he said that “I hope two years from now as the College will celebrates its 50th Anniversary, it will be also a State University.”

The ribbon pulling launched the Golden Foundation Anniversary as expected two years from now. The Search for the Most Outstanding Alumni Award was also then launched and will be awarded three years from now.

Solidarity message were delivered by the Ex- Officio President and some of the chosen alumni. In the behalf of Atty. Jaime K. Gomez Sr., Ex- Officio President, his son, Mr. Ezra Samson Gomez said that the value of solidarity is the celebration of the College Foundation Day and Homecoming. He also stressed out that the theme itself is the vision should not end but rather be pursued.

SJO2 Adriano Saong, member of the class 1998 and a graduate from Tadian Campus says that, “Confidence is acquired in MPSPC, the challenge of education is found here, it is a foundation of knowledge and skills. We will do everything in the best of our abilities and not easy to quit.”

Mr. Dexter Lingbanan, member of class 2006, Bontoc Campus said, “It’s sweet to be back home again”. He thanked the faculty members for their legacies to the students. He extended his gratitude in behalf of the class 2006. At the end of his message he said, “To my fellow alumni, let us all enjoy the memorable success”.

A message of class 1998, Mt. Data, Ms. Julia Tabaan said “This is our home to be proud of, let us try to learn from one another to build long lasting legacies and the development and change as well to improve life.”

Honorable Maximo B. Dalog, Representative, Lone District of Mountain Province gave his inspiring message, adopting the famous saying “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, ay di makakarating sa paroroonan.”

The project proposed for the present alumni will be to donate one book each for the library. The Alumni and Homecoming will now be held annually and will be continued for the success of MPSPC. // TALA, Chariz L. Ballada and Blesslyn P, Selvino, Photos by: MPSPC Digital Heritage

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