Studes sustain excellence, ensure success

Surpassing boundaries, achieving excellence and attaining success is what every achiever’s aspiration is all about.

The Mountain Province State Polytechnic College proudly presented its academic and non-academic achievers as it marked another milestone in excellence in the recently conducted 24th Recognition Day held at the College Auditorium on March 14, 2016.

 More than 110 graduating and non-graduating students were hailed in the various category of awards they achieved for the Academic Year 2015-2016: Academic Awardees (President’s Lister and Dean’s Lister), Departmental Awardees, Athletic Awardees, Student Assistant of the Year, SSC Awardee, and Journalist of the Year.

Dr. Christie Lynne C. Codod, Executive Dean of Bontoc Campus, shared the message behind every letter of the word ACHIEVEMENT and imparted to audiencethat the achievement, commendation, ideals, efficiency, value, equality, manifest, encouragement, nobility and talent that we have are what make us the achievers we are today“I congratulate the students and their parents as they are about to receive the fruits of their labor,” Dean Codod ended in her opening speech.

Quoting that the students are the main reason for the existence of MPSPC, the College President, Dr. Rexton F. Chakas, applauded the students, parents and acknowledged the faculty who gave their utmost in teaching and inspiring the students in achieving their goals. In President Chakas’ speech, he pointed, “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot be manifested, strength cannot be exerted, wealth becomes useless and reason is powerless.” President Chakas revealed that nobody is successful in all facets of life and concluded that the most important skill to learn to achieve success is keeping all things in life in a healthy balance.

Mr. Nestor A. Morareng, Sagada District Supervisor and a proud graduate of MPSPC, the guest speaker, inspired all in achieving their purposes in life despite all the difficulties and hindrances that will come. He stated that nothing can stop us from achieving success, but if we fail, we still have another chance and chances are only given to those who are willing to embrace it. He reminded the students to never forget to give gratitude to their teachers who guided and moulded them to the successful persons they are today. Lastly, he commended the college for having a quality education and for producing many successful professionals.

Added to this year’s roster of academic awardees are the 12 President’s listers: Frauline T. Giwao (BSED-PHS), 94.74; Nonalee B. Domanog (BSED-SS) 94. 67; Hanen S. Palangdosan (BSBA-FM), 93.43; Effie C. Almendral (BSHRM), 93.23; Janus Cooper C. Piluden (BSBA-FM), 92.86; Josephine S. Pilay (BSBA-FM), 92.83; Cyrus T. Oloan (BSED-E), 92.46; Benjie A. Bayawoc (BSCrim), 92.43; Jessa L. Laklaken (BSCrim), 92.43; Allyssa A. Bantasan (BSCrim), 92.31; Vicky K. Pawen (BSCrim), 92.07; and, Abigail T. Pain (BSED-PHS), 92.00.

In the 42 Dean’s listers, the Education Department led the most awardees with 13 students: Mae-ann P. Yakak (BSED-E), 91.96; Precious T. Amsiwen (BSED-Math), 91.52; Ongfus Valery F. Ubongen (BSED-E), 91.27; Charuth S. Dalkogen (BSED-E), 91.10; Evelyn L. Ageb-eb (BSED-E), 90.42; Maylin A. Gamlosen (BSED-E), 90.00; Melchora B. Acdang (BSED-Math), 91.83; Camille G. Baani (BSED-SS), 91.33; Angela S. Bagwan (BSED-SS), 91.25; Mirasol F. Sumerbang (BSED-SS), 90.65; Sheary B. Dumal-in (BSED-PHS), 91.10; Darry Shane W. Coycoyen (BSED-PHS), 90.14; and, Janine M. Condrado (BEED), 90.00. The Criminology Department came second on the most number with 9 achievers: Benjie G. Pangosfian, 91.18; Imelda C. Aowes, 91.17; Myra P. Palican, 90.32; Mark C. Gayagay, 91.11; Clement K. Awikang, 90.73; Eden D. Coniyat, 90.57; Jessa Joy W. Reyla, 90.55; Jacky P. Flora, 90.45; and, Raquel C. Lalo, 90.09.

                The Accountancy Department is consistent in the academic position with 7 awardees: Noreen L. Laop, 91.67; Rufina A. Taguindodo, 90.88; Alma C. Cuyanguan, 90.72; Ingrid F. Manapeng, 90.45; Eva M. Bonggik, 90.43; Rubilyn P. Cuyanguan, 90.24; and, Dominador, Jr. A. De Guzman, 90.22. Six awardees were from Business Administration Department: Alma F. Padchonga (MM), 91.89; Patricia P. Manapen (MM), 91.29; Minerva A. Pengdaden (FM), 91.00; Roselyn D. Pangosfian (MM), 90.25; Nida P. Madrid (FM), 90.10; and, Julie Ann C. Domocmat (MM), 90.00. Moreover, the Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism produced 3 awardees: Monette B. Dela Cruz, 91.68 (BST); Adrianwin P. Sagayo, 90.88; and, Bert L. Masgay (BST), 90.11, while the Bachelor of Arts shaped Valerie Anne B. Khayad, 90.86, and, Karen B. Dicaleng, 90.58. Jesel C. Tayawa, 90.72 is the only students from Information Technology in the list.

In the Departmental Awards, each Department chose the graduating students who performed on their respective departments based in the Students’ and Departmental manuals: Elorde V. Anungos, Best male on-the-job trainee, and Jeanalyn Marie B. Lagera, Best female OJT trainee from IT Department. In the Criminology Department: Jhonel F. Eloy, Best male intern; Maria Alma F. Camosol, Best Female Intern; Catabay G. Ladyong, Cadet of the year; and, Hannah M. Gadang, Cadette of the year. Ivy B. Gioken is the best OJT trainee of Office Administration Department.

The Department of Accountancy also named their Best Interns: Alemar E. Gansowen and Flore Ann B. Poclan. In the Business Administration Department, Vina Lindsey F. Oyang and Meidi M. Bannog, are the Students of the Year for Marketing Management, and Financial Management, respectively.

Claire L. Basingil from the Hotel and Restaurant Management/ Tourism is the Night Audit Employee Service Awardee. On the other hand, Bronze Medal Awardees are Anderson M. Bangiacan and Monette B. Dela Cruz. For the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Rosalie B. Erese is the Best Student Teacher, while for the Elementary Education is Gina L. Agnawa.

The Nursing Department also awarded Annabelle Y. Wawey as Best Clinician, and Precious W. Lambino as the Best Researcher.

Alexis L. Bismonte is this year’s Athlete of the year, while athletic recognition to the graduating students were awarded: Zayrel B. Alipit (Athletics), Blessa D. Baliw-an (Athletics), Samson S. Baywes (Table Tennis), Bismonte (Athletics), Rene E. Corapan (Volleyball), Aprilyn D. Dabodab (Softball), Maybelle T. Focasan (Taekwondo), Ivy P. Gioken (Badminton), Jessica Grace O. Mang-etan (Volleyball), Jethro B. Onnan (Taekwondo), Feljumay T. Sotero (Volleyball), Bonlee W. Seriban (Volleyball), and Jayson Y. Pey-agen (Badminton). January M. Facullo (Softball), Nicole Bryle F. Gut-omen (Arnis), Robet F. Ottao (Table Tennis), and Precious Sheradee C. Tikchap (Athletics), were the non-graduating athletics awardees.

The General Services Office also awarded the Student Assistant of the Year to Jackielou P. Malot, and recognized the 2 years and 1 semester of service of the following student assistants: Jeanalyn Marie B. Lagera, Joseph Bowen D. Mi-ing, and Susan W. Paiwen. The Minstrels also named their notable graduating members in the awarding: Bangiacan, Denmark A. Balag-ey, Stephanie K. Kalang-ad, Chelsie Amor A. Khayad, Justin Vincent G. Nacaytuna, Olive Rose W. Peckley, and Harriet B. Sobrino. Five graduating members of the Students Cultural and Arts Group were also recognized: Jay-P T. Egyab, Daphne C. Kongoy, Jerhil K. Lengwa, Harry M. Napa-eg, and Harry B. Tarewan. The Marching Band group also named four of its members recognized in the event: Jeremy L. Addawe, Dan Kevin L. Bulli-ig, Venus Jennifer C. Chalapas, and Mariedes M. Javier.

The Supreme Student Council also named Jethro B. Onnan as their awardee for this year, while the Tala, The Mocking Bird’s Journalist of the year is Lilli Ann C. Banganan.

Moreover, this year’s Best Departmental Organization is the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants- MPSPC chapter and the Best Non-departmental organization is the Natonin-Paracelis Students Organization. / TALA - Mockingbird

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