BONTOC - With a drizzling and cloudy weather, the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) Bontoc Campus Intramurals 2017 Festival was formally opened last October 9 with the theme: MPSPC at the forefront of the global dynamics of public higher education, “Accepting the challenges and daring beyond limits.”

Colorful uniforms were displayed as the athletes and coaches of the five competing clusters namely: Blue Wolves- Teacher Education Department; Green Hornets- Criminology Department; White Pythons- Nursing Department, Liberal Arts Department and Office Administration Department; Golden Dragons- Accountancy Department, Business Administration Department, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Department and Information Technology Department; and, Wild Falcons- Graduate School filled the Eyeb Ground.

Dexter Lingbanan, Planning Director delivered the message of College President Rexton Chakas. Director Lingbanan presented the importance of the activity as cited by the president. Firstly, the event aims to develop the students’ psychomotor skills and fine-tuning of these motor skills with coordination, strength, grace and speed. Secondly, it is necessary towards students’ holistic development. Thirdly, Sports competitions instil the sense of discipline among students and provide an avenue to showcase talents and skills, and perfection of such skills. Lastly, sports competition also teach our students how to manifest refinement under pressure and to manifest grace under performance anxiety.
Director Lingbanan also reminded the athletes on the very essence of the intramurals – the spirit of true sportsmanship.
“What matters most is not the awards or trophies but it is how you play the games to the best of your abilities that matters,” Director Lingbanan said delivering President Chakas’ speech.

Presentations of the different performing groups also lighted the venue depicting the culture and values of the Cordilleras. These groups are the MPSPC Student Performing Arts Group (SPAG) who exhibited Dance Sport and the MPSPC Student Cultural Arts Group (SCAG) who presented the different cultures found in Mountain Province. MPSPC SCAG is not only represented the school in local and national competitions but also international performances.
“Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently,” Director Lingbanan ended.
MPSPC Intramurals 2017 converges from October 9-11, 2017 at Eyeb Ground, MPSPC Academic Building and Auditorium, Bontoc Plaza and Sum-at. / Tala, The Mocking Bird

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