Bontoc, Mountain Province- Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) – In the recent visit of College President Rexton F. Chakas to the MPSPC-Bacarri, Paracelis Campus, the desire that the campus be given a full-fledged status was relayed. Interviewed after the visit, the College President said he was pleased with the appeal, saying that the communities mean well. “It means that the communities and their leaders know the impact of education upon their people. It means that they see what access to education would bring to them. It means that they are open to help us develop the Bacarri Campus.”

At present, the Bacarri Campus is under the management of the Tadian Campus. It does not have a full complement of administrative and faculty positions. Two courses, Bachelor in Agricultural Technology [BAT] and Diploma in Agricultural Technology [DAT] are offered. These academic programs are under the Department Chair based at the Tadian Campus.

The College President said he would seek the intervention of the Commission on Higher Education on the possible expansion of the academic programs being offered at the Bacarri Campus. He added that a new building will be built in the Campus to house administrative offices, library, and laboratories, and additional classrooms. The communities will have to help us market these academic programs.

The visit of the College President coincided with the student orientation cum  Gender and Development seminar on Self Care and Healthy Lifestyle on February 19, 2109. In his message during the said affair, the College President explained the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of the College. Also, he cited activities initiated by the College in order to attain these aspirations including local, national and international linkages forged, and internationally acknowledged researches,

Noting the small enrollment in agricultural programs, the College President said the situation is true in other colleges and universities. “The municipality of Paracelis was identified as an agricultural community, and that stipulated in Republic Act No. 7182, otherwise known as the College Charter, the Paracelis Campus is the Home for the College of Agriculture, we decided that BAT and DAT be initially offered here,” he added.

Last year, a survey was conducted among high school students of Paracelis on their preference as to what program to enroll. The results of the survey showed BS Criminology and Teacher Education as the overwhelming preferences. The College President said the administration will do all it could in order to comply with regulations and requirements and that this would take time. “The main point here is that we need to invest much resources to comply with these requirements since they are expensive courses. Nevertheless, the College will still look on ways and make remedies to make this happen,” said Dr. Chakas explaining the arising issue regarding the courses being offered in MPSPC- Bacarri.

The College officials including the Vice President for Administration and Finance Mr. Rogelio K. Balcita, Director for Student Services and Development Dr. Joni Pagandiyan, Director for Medical services Mr. Joseph Brillantes, Director for Cashiering services Mr. William Tangilag, Director for Accounting services Mr. Rexon Damayan, Director for Supply services Engineer Elpecio Marrero, College Engineer Cleto Dalmacio, Coordinator for Internship and out-of-school activities Mr. Emerson Olod and other administrative staff also took part in delivering the reports of each sector of the College during the orientation. They also answered questions and concerns regarding these services.

During the meeting with the faculty and staff, Ms. Ana Liza Simangon relayed the suggestion of the community as per observation regarding the commencement exercises of MPSPC- Bacarri campus. She stipulated that if possible, the commencement exercises will be held in Bacarri and not in Tadian since a campus exists within the community.

“This can also be an avenue to promote the College and further invite more enrollees in the following semesters to come”, Ms. Simangon said.

Prior to the conduct of orientation at MPSPC- Bacarri, student orientations were also conducted at MPSPC- Bontoc and Tadian campuses on January 30 and February 8, respectively. These orientation meetings are conducted not only to inform the students about the College but also to maintain the virtuous connection between the students and the institution.   

PARACELIS CAMPUS VISIT- Mountain Province State Polytechnic College President Dr. Rexton F. Chakas, together with Vice President for Administration and Finance Mr. Rogelio K. Balcita and several College Officials visited MPSPC- Bacarri, Paracelis to inspect the physical assets of the College and conduct orientation to the students at the same time address the queries of the faculty and staff on February 20, 2019. /WARDEN TALTALA 

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