Mark Preston Lopez, MPSPC faculty and Fullbright scholar and Dr. Annie Grail Ekid, Vice President for Research Development and Extension presented their research paper entitled, “Challenges of Mother Tongue Language Instruction in Multilingual Settings: Policy and Practices in Mountain Province,” with President Rexton Chakas as a co-author during the 27th Annual international Conference for National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). Following the theme, “Re-imagining multicultural education in changing times, “ the research conference was held from November 1 to 5, 2017 at the Hilton Lake Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

The 5-day conference offered numerous kinds of sessions to better deliver the diverse topics, content and presentation techniques. In addition to outstanding general sessions, keynote conference attendees had the opportunities to participate in a wide variety of more activities. These included attending intensive institute programs that allow for a deeper work and more interaction among the participants. Moreover, there were tours of high interest organized by the local committee to NAME people. Transportation is provided on these guided tours. Examples of these trips are to Rose Park Elementary and Community Schools which featured their trauma-informed schooling practices;the Carmen Pingree Autism Center which serves people autism; Mana Academy which nourishes a culturally relevant schooling; the Tumaini Welcome and Transition Center (Granite School District), a special school that helps newcomer students successfully transition into their home schools; the west ng Highschool with Latinos in action in the dual immersion classrooms and the community learning center.

NAME attendees were also given the option to participate in the annual Multicultural Film Festival. It offered opportunities throughout the conference to preview DVDs related to social justice use in classrooms, meetings or training events. The selected videos address a wide variety of equity topics and participants were encouraged to share their impressions during each set of break-out sessions.

Culminating the research presentation was an inter-tribal dining, native arts and crafts showcase and a book signing with numerous NAME authors at the Grand Ballroom foyer.

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