BONTOC, MOUNTAIN PROVINCE- Marking its 50th year of inception, Mountain Province State Polytechnic College celebrated its Golden Anniversary with various activities set for the month of April fronted by the opening program conducted on April 10, 2019 at the MPSPC Quadrangle. The Foundation Anniversary program served as another milestone in the College’s challenging journey for quality education and excellence.

 The Guest Speaker Ms. Norma G. Dao-as in her speech congratulated the College and the administration for reaching the Golden Age. Also, she encouraged them to further continue performing at their best in their own fields for the attainment of the long dream of the College- to achieve university hood.

“My speech would revolve at the young days of our College. 45 years ago when I was a student here, it was still a two- storey building made of wood. The sounds of the footsteps and the murmurs of the students from the corridors could be heard in the classrooms during class. Schools uniforms were not present during that time and most of the time, slippers are the means of footwear. The most crucial part is that, there were no books during that time so we rely on the teacher’s handouts and lectures. Now, look at where you are now. The visible developments in infrastructures, facilities, equipment and services means you’ve gone way over the top. Thus, this leave me to my challenge to the current students present here today, make the best out of this developments and be better in your studies,” Ms. Dao-as stressed.

In his inspirational message, College President Dr. Rexton F. Chakas reiterated the accomplishments of the College as collectively worked by dedicated administrators, students, faculty and staff. He emphasized the local, national and international awards that were earned and contributed to the achievements of the College.


“Today, we celebrate because the seed planted fifty years ago has grown into unimaginable proportions. The planting of that seed has resulted to considerable benefit to those it deserves. Let us keep reminding ourselves that there is a beacon of light that sparked in the hinterlands of Northern Luzon. This light must be kept alive therefore we ask the alumni, our linkages and our well- meaning friends to help us in the benefits that the College needs,” Dr. Chakas stressed.

Dr. Chakas also conveyed the noteworthy accomplishments of the College such as; the hosting of a students’ research forum with guest presenters from STIE Perbanas, Indonesia and a keynote speaker from Taiwan. The College obtaining an ISO Certification 9001:2015 last December 2018 committing itself and its services to international standards. MPSPC faculty winning plaudits abroad for researches and research presentations at the same time getting their works published in international peer reviewed journals.

One of the highlights of the event is the awarding of the National Certification II on Housekeeping to MPSPC by the TESDA Director Atty. Eric Ueda. The Foundation day program further blazed with the different presentations offered by students from the Paracelis campus, the Socio-Cultural Arts Group, the Tinglayan student’s organization with their gongs, native music and their dances.

Visitors from all over the province came and celebrated the prestigious event. Also, heads and representatives of the different sectors of the province showed their support by allowing their presence in the event.  

“MPSPC, being the only State College in Mountain Province has been providing the educational needs of the community since 1969 when it was still named Bontoc Community College established during the incumbency of then Governor Jaime K. Gomez, Sr. The late congressman Victor S. Dominguez successfully worked for the conversion of the College into a state institution.  The late Congressman Maximo B. Dalog, Sr. worked for the conversion of the College into a university. The late Governor Leonard G. Mayaen and the present Governor Bonifacio C. Lacwasan initiated the funding of some projects of the College,” Dr. Chakas emphasized recalling the roots of the College and its developments.

MPSPC AT 50. (Top left) College President Dr. Rexton F. Chakas awards certificate of recognition to Ms. Norma Dao-as being the guest speaker of the event. (Top right) TESDA Director Atty. Eric Ueda awards the National Certification II on Housekeeping to MPSPC. (Down) The Mountain Province State College officials was joined by the partner agencies from different sectors of the Province. In the photo (from left to right) MPSPC Tadian Exec. Dean Dr. Hilary Tican, VP for Research Development and Extension Dr. Annie Grail Ekid, VP for Administration and Finance Mr. Rogelio K. Balcita, Chief of Staff Mr. Dexter Lingbanan, MPSPC Board of Trustee member Mr. Benedict P. Odsey II, Ms. Janette Valencerina and Eng’r Frank Jose from DPWH, VP for Resource Generation and Linkages Dr. Venus Grace Fagyan, VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Emily Ann B. Marrero and MPSPC Bontoc Exec. Dean Dr. Christie Lynne Codod. BY W.TALTALA

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