With the theme, “PASUC @50: At the Forefront of the Global Dynamics in Public Higher Education through Sports”, SCUAA National Games 2018 was held in Antique hosted by the University of Antique partnered with the Provincial Government of Antique last February 18 – 23.

The Mountain Province State Polytechnic College, as part of the delegation of CAR, was able to contribute medals for the region in the event track-and-field 10k category Ms. Estephany T. Dakilay, a student from the Teacher Education Department, was able to set record to be the first gold medalist of the region, in the pencak silat men’s category Mr. Rechzel Dwaight M. Sagun and Larry Jr B. Lauria was able to snatch a silver in their category, Mr. Charles E. Bawas was also a bronze medalists, for the women’s category Ms. Chiska S. Bawingan and Ms. Maria Korina B. Sito was also a bronze medalist in their respective category.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sagun, one of the athletes of the Pencak Silat was injured in the semi-final match after his opponent connected a low-blow strike. He was rushed in the hospital for further examination. The doctor later found another injury in his wrist ligament which he sustained in his previous bouts. He was then admitted for observation but was later discharged in the afternoon. He insisted to go for his championship match but he was already.
The 16 regions all over the country participated. Approximately there were 7,000 estimated athletes, coaches and officials joined the parade. The parade from the Provincial Capitol to the Binirayan Sports Complex, the program also highlighted the culture of the province with the performance of the two thousand students of the University of Antique.

The President of the University of Antique, Dr. Pablo S. Crespo first gave his welcome remarks, followed by Mayor Elmer C. Untaran of San Jose de Buenavista and Governor Rhodora Cadiao of the Province of Antique. Governor Cadiao, highlighted of how humble they were to host the SCUAA National Games 2018.

Monsour del Rosario, an actor and sport enthusiast, is the guest of speaker in the absence of Senator Loren Legarda. He who talked about how sport changed his life and he also highlighted in his speech that there are three kinds of education: home education, school education and sport education.

Rosario further insists the importance of sport education because it teaches us on how to handle defeat and how to handle success. He also added the 3Ds that a successful athlete must have: Desire, Discipline, and Determination. He further encourages the athletes that it must come from within them the desire to win.

The program ended with a tribute to the late Ricardo E. Rotoras, former PASUC President, in which they have presented his achievements during his term.

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