1. Pay Supreme Student Council Fee, School Paper “Tala” Fee, Departmental Fee
  2. Get Enrolment and Guidance Forms

*Schedule is posted in departmental room assignments

  1. Accomplish or fill-out the details of the Enrolment Form clearly and legibly.
  2. Proceed to the auditorium for the Enrolment Form signing and approval of the Department Chair. (Each department is assigned a table.)
  3. Submit the Enrolment Form to Registrar staff for encoding.
  4. Wait for your Assessment/Student Copy.
  5. Submit accomplished Guidance Form to Guidance staff before leaving the auditorium.
  6. Proceed to Cashier’s Office for payment (2nd floor, Science Building)
  7. Claim class cards at the Dean’s Office after making a down payment.

*No down payment, no class cards 

  1. Proceed to SSDO Office for the validation of student ID or release of new student ID
  2.  Proceed to the Library for the application of Library ID
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