March 15 

Chemical supplies (19-02-150SL)

Chemicals (19-01-018TC)

Construction materials (19-01-285E)

Flag poles, stands and lecterns (19-02-030GSO)

IT accessories and peripherals (19-02-125LIB)

Labor for the repair of bldg. (19-01-286RD)

Laboratory Equipment (19-01-021TC)

Laptop (19-02-160SL)

Materials and Equipment for the Coffee Postharvesting Processing (19-02-055TC)

Scented Floor wax (19-01-012TC)

Science Laboratory supplies (19-02-145SL)

Seedling production supplies (19-01-197TC)

Tools and Materials (19-01-196TC)

Adult CPR Model (19-02-075N)

Floor carpet and rugby (19-01-155HRMT)

ID Supplies (19-02-041TC)

IT Equipment and accessories (19-01-255RD)

IT Equipment and peripherals (19-01-255OSA)

IT Equipment and peripherals (19-01-255RD)

Kitchen utensils and Equipment (19-01-245RGL)

LPG Tanks (19-01-270HRMT)

Office equipment (19-02-070N)

Office supplies (19-01-080S)

Office supplies (19-01-295ESAFE)

Vertical Jet Pump (19-02-043TC)

Window grills (19-01-150HRMT)

Janitorial Supplies (19-01-012TC)

Chemicals (19-01-018TC)

Science Laboratory Equipment (19-01-021TC)

Construction Materials (19-01-140GSO)

IT Equipment and Peripherals (19-01-211acctg)

Sports supplies and equipment (19-01-190D)

Library Furnitures (19-01-220lib)

Medical and Dental supplies (189-01-105ds)

Vehicle parts and accessories (19-01-042gso)

ID Supplies (19-01-065ssdo)

Soil boring test (19-01-060ce)

Plaques and Certificate holder (19-01-050hrmo)

Labor for repainting of Auditorium (19-01-141gso)

Sound system supplies and equipent (19-01-165gso)

Vehicle parts and Accessories (19-01-145gso)

Programs and Invitations (19-01-180op)

Journals (19-01-175lib)

Library Books(19-01-170lib)

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