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BSA Vision


The MPSPC Department of Accountancy gains recognition as a premier institution in accountancy education in the Cordilleras, producing world class  professionals who are imbued with social and moral values.


BSA Mission


The MPSPC Department of Accountancy shall provide relevant quality accounting   education in order to produce globally    competitive accounting professionals.


BSA Goals


The MPSPC Department of Accountancy  aspires to prepare its students to become competent, morally upright and socially  responsible accounting professionals.




The MPSPC Department of Accountancy Aims to:


  • Produce professionally competent    graduates equipped with the necessary skills and right attitudes to become leaders in the field of Accountancy;
  • Organize and conduct capacity building programs for faculty to improve teaching competency;
  • Develop and maintain linkages with the industry, alumni, and the community.


Career Opportunities for BSA Graduates:

1. Public Practice: Audit Staff, Tax Staff, Management Services/Consulting Staff;

2. Commerce and Industry: Financial Accounting & Reporting Staff, Management Accounting Staff, Tax Accounting Staff, Internal Audit Staff, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Credit Analyst,  Cost Accountant.

3. Government: State Accounting Examiner, State Accountant, LGU     Accountant,  Revenue Officer, Audit Examiner, Budget Analyst, Financial Services Specialist

4. Education: Junior Accounting Instructor.

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