A preferred university of developmental culture and inclusive growth.


It shall produce globally competitive leaders molded from a tradition of excellence in instruction, research, effective governance, sustainable entrepreneurship and an environment that assumes major responsibility in cultural vitality and well-being of the community.


1. Attain and sustain quality and excellence for universityhood;

2. Promote relevance and responsiveness;

3. Broaden access and equity;

4. Enhance efficiency and effectiveness; and,

5. Develop harmony within the College, and with stakeholders and benefactors.


- Hearty Approach to Management & Governance, & Transformational Leadership

E - Enriched Academic Programs

- Relevant Student Services, Development, and Welfare Program

- International and Local Linkages

- Technology, Facilities, and Assets Enhancement Program

- Aggressive Staff Development and Welfare Program

- Gainful Resource Generation and Enterprise Development Program

- Excellent Researches and Relevant Extension Programs

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