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It is said that a good research work is not really finished until you have polished and published it, so it is available to the rest of the world. Such is the generation and evolution of knowledge. Results must be communicated and discussed with the rest of the concerned communities to be validated or refuted. Moreover, the results need to be shared with the rest of society because new knowledge should benefit us all.

On the other hand, it is an ordinary information that useful research is often locked inside cabinets and drawer of institutions, published as internal reports only. Other interesting results lie in library as thesis and monographs out of the reach of the communities that need them. In many cases, this knowledge takes too long to come to light, if it is ever published as regular articles.

This Journal will provide a platform for the publication of the studies made at Mountain Province State Polytechnic College. As long as our researchers believe in themselves and in their work, and are willing to show their results, our Journal will be their avenue in making their studies available to the rest of the world and be put into use for transformation and development of mankind. The Journal contains their great heritage for the present and coming generations. Furthermore, it will provide the opportunity for the knowledge generations and creditors in the College to be recognized by the different academic and research communities.

It is then our wish that this Journal will be able to draw our researchers to the world of publishing. Equally, it is our wish that, in the future, this Journal graduate into the bar of intensive peer review and accreditation.

Please join me in congratulating researchers whose studies are published herein, and the RDE Unit of the College for spearheading this endeavour.

College President

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