1. Student shall be accepted reagdless of age, sex, nationality, relegious beliefs, socio-economic status or political affiliations.
  2. Students must have graduated from recognized secondary schools.
  3. Students must pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations of the Polytechnic.
  4. Students must not have enrolled in any academic or college subject/s prior to the enrollment as beginning freshmen; otherwise, they shall be classified as transferees.
  5. Students enrolled in vocational courses or those not leading to a degree program are admitted as beginning freshmen.
  6. Students must meet all the prescribed requirements of the Polytechnic.



  1. Evaluation of student records for purpose of retention is guided by the following standards:
 25%-49%  Any number  of academic units Warning Less 3 units from normal load
 50%-75%  6 academic units or more Probation 15 units only
 76% or more  9 academic units or more Dismissal from the department  Not allowed to enroll

Permanent disqualification

from the Polytechnic


2. Any student who has received two (2) Successive warning shall be placed on Probation.

3. Probation status of a student may be lifted upon passing all the subjects carried during the term he is on probation.

4. Any student under probation who again fails in 50% or more of the total number of academic units enrolled will be dismissed from the college.

5. Any student dropped from one department shall not be admitted to another in the Polytechnic, unless in which case, he may be allowed to enroll in the appropriate course. Such student shall be placed on probation.

6. Permanent disqualification does not apply to cases, where, on recommendation of the faculty concerned, he certifies that the grades of 70 is due to unauthorized dropping of the student and not to poor scholarship. 

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