The primary responsibility of the library is to support the institution’s instructional, curricular, research and extension programs through an organized, relevant and fast delivery of information services.


Goals and Objectives


To create an adequate and stimulating learning environment by providing information resources in pursuit of instruction, research and extension work of the academic institution.



  1. To acquire, organize, and provide materials in line with the institution’s main objectives, course offerings and programs;
  2. To offer formal and/ or informal instruction to library users in the use of books and resources;
  3. To provide library users a reading area and other library facilities;
  4. To coordinate with the faculty and students regarding their needs on instructional materials;
  5. To provide a variety or reading materials on different subjects and interests of students;
  6. To establish library linkages and networks with other agencies for library donations and resource sharing; and
  7. To extend services to the community and other agencies.
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