The health services office aims to make available the much needed health service to students and personnel of the college right with in the school premises. As such this can be achieved by:

  • Proper orientation to the students of health services offered by the school clinic at the beginning of the semester. This is to inform the students specially the new ones on the different services the clinic provides, as well as the extent of services being offered.
  • Health services offered by the school clinic:

A. Medical:

  • First aide intervention to any emergency situation within the school premises.
  • Administration of emergency medicines to minor ailments Such as menstrual pains, headache, fever, and LBM;

o Vital signs taking/monitoring;
o Weight and height measurement;
o Cleansing, treatment and dressing of minor wounds/bruises;
o Removal of wound sutures per doctor’s order;
o Referral of cases to the hospital or any health agency as needed;
o Follow up of referred cases;
o Health information dissemination or chair side health education to clients;
o Guidance and counseling services to selected clients in relation to family planning, responsible parenthood and others as the client’s needs arise.

B. Dental:

  • Oral examinations of patients to assess their dental needs and to refer cases which are beyond the capability of the dentist to higher authorities.
  • Prevention through oral prophylaxis if needed.
  • Curative Measures- performed when the disease is present.
  • Tooth restoration thru dental filling.
  • Exodontia is performed when the decayed tooth is beyond restoration. A tooth also sometimes extracted to correct malformations and malocclusions, and when it erupts in areas of oral cavity where it should not be. 
  • Primitive measures-informs people about dental health. This is chair side instruction wherein there is inter personnel education activity between the
  • patient and dentist during consultation and treatment.


To see each and every student healthy and productive to enable them to attain full potential for education and likewise ensure a healthy school personnel dedicated and committed to be of service to the students the whole year round.


The health services office of MPSPC shall primarily provide quality health services geared towards the attainment of a healthy student and personnel and a healthful and drug free school environment.


  1. Efficient and effective operation of a functional clinic by health personnel:
    1. School physician
    2. School dentist
    3. School nurse
    4. Dental aide
  1. Improvement of the medical and dental services of the school thru procurement of the much needed medicines, supplies and equipment that will ensure the delivery of adequate health services to the students and school personnel.
  1. Ensure a continues provisions of needed health services through careful use and maintenance of the medical and dental instruments/equipment for ready use of the clients. (Ex. Request immediate repair of destroyed or malfunctioning instruments/equipment).


General Objective: To make available the much needed health services to the students, faculty and staff of the college right within the school premises with utmost care.

Specific Objectives:

  • To procure medicines and other supplies needed in the office;
  • To provide emergency treatment and the application of basic nursing skills  in the treatment procedures and conduct of first aide measures;
  • To promote health as well as information dissemination of the relevant current health issues/information to the students, faculty and staff;
  • To properly sterilize instruments;
  • Refer serious cases to higher authorities;
  • Proper recording and filling of patients’ documents.


  1. Physical Plant Development
    1. Procurement of lucking medical equipment, supplies, and medicines;
    2. Maintenance of equipment and instruments for ready use of clients;
    3. Provision of an efficient water supply and water drainage system.
  1. Functional Clinic
    1. Clinic hours from:         8:00AM-12:00PM. 1:00PM-5:00PM                                  
  1. Clinic personnel to be composed of a full time:
    • School Physician
    • School Dentist
    • School Nurse
    • Medical -Dental Aide
  1. Relevant School Health Problems
    1. School wide orientation with regards to the right health services offered in the clinic;
    2. Provision of an efficient safe and drinking water in the school premises;
    3. Proper zero-waste management program;
    4. Clean and green school environment;
    5. Functional comfort room for students and personnel;
    6. Monitor hygienic standard of the school canteen.

4. Health Personnel Development

  1. Professional updates on current trends, issues and concerns;
  2. Institutional in-service trainings if there be any;
  3. Membership to recognized health agencies in the community or outside.

5.Healthy lifestyle and wellness

  1. Students and personnel are advised and encouraged to have their afternoon and morning

    exercise as well as to join the taebo at the provincial plaza every morning.

  1. Students and personnel are encourage to join the Physical Fitness program every Thursday at the College Auditorium.


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