The areas of the R & D program are arranged following the acronym EHELPING 

  • Education. Projects and studies under this area includes curriculum revisions and instructional material development and enhancement.   
  • Health, Nutrition, Sanitation and Food. These are the health, nutrition, food and sanitation related projects and studies.    
  • Environment. The projects and studies under this area includes environmental, agriculture,  forestry, and fishery for biodiversity conservation and protection    
  • Livelihood. Included under this, are geared towards income generating as source of livelihoods    
  • Peace and Order  Maintenance Systems - areas of study are the Curfew for minors in the Municipality of Bontoc, Mountain Province, The Peace Pact System in Bontoc, Mountain Province, The Security Operations of Provincial Guards in Mountain Province   
  • Information, Industry and Energy. Pertains to information dissemination and development.    
  • Nursery Establishment and Development. This pertains to the production of disease free-planting stocks and establishment of mother grooves that serves as source of seeds for germination, scions and bud eyes for asexual plant propagation.      
  • Governance. Gender and Development Research and Development Relationship between Gender and Employment.
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