The GAD office is called   AG-GONGAN, a Kankanaey term describing a place where both genders meet together to discuss concerns and issues.  It is also a place where traditions are transmitted from one generation to the next.                    

AG-GONGAN is directly under the Office of the College President. The Administrative Council (AdCo) serves as the executive committee and the Technical Working Group is comprised of representatives of the different sectors, units, departments from different campuses as follows: (Annex B)

Chair-   GAD Focal


Director for Research and Development

Director for Extension Services

Director for Instruction

Human Resources Representative-Bontoc

Human Resources Representative- Tadian Campus

Management Information System Representatives

Chief Budget/representative

Unit/Department Representatives

Student Representative

Others as may be identified


The Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI) is constituted by the following:

Chair - College Legal Office 

Co- Chair- VP for Administration


Executive Dean  - Bontoc  Campus Executive Dean - Tadian  Campus 

GAD Focal Person/Director 

The committee has a term of one (1) year with the corresponding functions  adapted  in the CSC Resolution no. 01-0940;

1. Receive complaints of sexual harassment and other

    GAD related issues.

2. Investigate complaints in accordance with the said procedures.

3. Submit report of findings  and recommendations to the disciplining authority for decision. 

4. Lead in the conduct of discussions about sexual harassment and other GAD related cases within the agency or institution to increase understanding and prevent incidents of sexual harassment


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