The Resources Generation and Linkages Sector (RGL) conducted a year-end assessment, planning, and team-building on November 7-9, 2019 at the Seascape Resto Resort and Spa Bauang, La Union with the theme “Interconnected towards one goal, one mission.” The activity was participated by the RGL Sector’s staff along with the representatives from the Budget and Finance Office and the Office of the College President.


Dr. Rexton F. Chakas, College President, cited the significance of the RGL sector to the college in general and its relevant impact to the college’s funding. He added that through the year-end assessment, the sector can have the opportunity to appreciate the end-product of its efforts, particularly in highlighting that the net income that it generated was allocated in support of the different programs of the college.

The various units of the sector presented their financial report, raised pressing concerns related to their respective units, as well as suggested possible solutions to address those concerns. The outcomes of the year-end assessment serve as a springboard for the unit and the administration to discuss feasible plans to address issues of the unit. These plans include the provision of an additional working area to accommodate new equipment for added services, upgrading of employees through trainings, provision of internet connection, effective collection of debts, among others.

Besides the assessment and planning was the team building activity which aimed to strengthen connections and build professional relationships among the staff of the unit. Mr. Benjan D. Natividad, the guest facilitator, gave a short talk entitled, “Five Ways to Approach Conflicts in the Workplace.” Through his talk, the participants learned that in resolving conflicts, the key players need to first assess the situation and then determine which of the five approaches could best address the situation. The participants, including the College drivers, were also provided experiential learning activities through group games. The games tested the participants’ attitude towards stressful situations and instilled the importance of professionalism and teamwork in achieving common goals.

In the culminating activity, Mr. Natividad used an activity in which a bottle wrapped with strings was passed from one participant to another while sharing what he or she learned. The process went on until everyone took a hold of the strings as a collective symbol of the unit’s interconnectedness towards one goal, one mission. Dr. Venus Grace K. Fagyan, Vice President for Resources Generation and Linkages emphasized, “May we not become complacent in our jobs; we do not rely on luck anymore. It is our joint efforts that lead us to our accomplishments.”

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