“ Yalim nan bayntim, egay ka naka uniform…Nah tay empleyado kayo sina MPSPC masapor in uniform kayo chadlo ay mamadam ya mimistulo tay khag awis chadlo nan mail-an na…Adi kayo sumunget nu chakayo ma-fine tay chakayo nangikwani sina ya ay ma fine nan adin yun-uniform..Nan tupay a-apo ya ken fine ko tay adi cha naka uniform ya...Uray nu job order kayo, maki-uniform kayo, waday nan MPSPC t-shirt ay lakon si iskwila-an ay pang job order, engkayo lumako ta maki uniform kayo tay cha kayo in madno sina saet waday nan linteg tako pangkhep ka uniform, adi kayo in lililili…”

These are just some of the brave lines of Mrs. Paula Angagka or known to some as Auntie, manang or mother Paula, an administrative staff of the College, who is assigned to check on the uniforms of the faculty and staff. Her bent checking of prescribed uniforms of the employees of the College, collecting a P20.00 fine from non-compliant employees would sometimes, or most often, send non-compliant faculty and staff to scamper, to hide or stay away from her path so as not to be berated or be fined by her.

     The checking of office uniforms with the corresponding penalty for those who are not in uniform emerged from a common observation that most employees in the College do not wear the prescribed uniform, notwithstanding the fact that they regularly receive their clothing allowance purposely for uniforms.

     In a brief conversation with Auntie Paula, she said that despite the stringent regulations on the checking of uniforms, some employees do not strictly adhere to the dress code for government employees. In addition, she stated that employees who do not adhere to the regulations on uniforms should willingly pay their penalty and not complain. Furthermore, she observed that faculty and staff under a contractual status usually justify or reason out their inability to wear the prescribed uniform. 

     The College policy on the wearing of uniforms is well disseminated. Ms. Zenaida Y. Soliven, Director of the HRD Office, reminded the employees during one of the Monday flag ceremonies in October about this regulation. She explained that permanent faculty and staff should wear the customized uniform because the shirts with the MPSPC logo is intended for contractual employees only. Thus, permanent employees who wear the said shirt should be penalized. Additionally, the College President issued Memorandum Order No. PRFC-072, s.2019 to all permanent faculty members and staff reiterating his previous Memorandum Order No., PRFC-056, s.2016 about Rules on Dress Code. These memos directed all personnel to observe all the rules on prescribed dress code provided under CSC Memorandum Circular No. 14, s.1991 in order to maintain modesty and proper decorum in the College. This is also in line with the provisions of RA 6713 otherwise known as Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.    

     In the midst of all these brawls, questions arise. Is it really necessary that someone should check the wearing of uniforms of employees every single day? Aren’t we matured and professionals enough to embrace this responsibility without being embarrassed every single time that we get a penalty ticket? In other words, are we wearing our uniforms only because we want to avoid the P20 fine or because it is our responsibility to do so? As mentioned earlier, the College management was not remiss of its duty to disseminate the policy on the proper wearing of uniforms

    The wearing of prescribed uniforms means a lot to the whole MPSPC family. Aside from the rules and regulations and the Code, uniforms will distinguish employees from students. This will also earn students’ respect among the faculty and staff. As government employees, we are bound by CSC Rules and Regulations and the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees; thus, it is our responsibility to adhere and comply to such rules and Code. We are also accountable for our own actions and decisions whether we comply with these provisions or not. Are we still going to wait for another memo from concerned officials before we fully comply and set aside our own choice of wear? Or do we still need the iron words and the stern style of mother Paula for us to comply? This, we leave to the whole employees to ponder and reflect on before we regret things and say, “too late…”//Karyl A. Po-or & Ester Rose S. Alikes

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