The College launched its GAD Database Section and Graduate Tracer System as new parts of the upgraded MPSPC website  thru the Management and Information System Office (MIS) as opened by the College President, Dr. Rexton F. Chakas before the Vice Presidents and some of the faculty and staff at the College Audio-Visual Room today. 

Dr. Chakas reiterated in his opening message the essentials of this Gender and Development Program (GAD) and other related programs with GAD lens. He added, "This (program) is in response to the CMO, 1 s. 25, the need to articulate Gender and Development Program in the different sectors."

Manifestations of Gender and Development through the establishment of the MPSPC –GAD Data Base, sustenance of Sex – Disaggregated Data, and utilization of collected for Gender Analysis and Knowledge Management are some of the numerous efforts of the College to lead with GAD. GAD Presenter, Ms. Flordeliza G. Cruz added that this orientation-launching is also an action taken as a result of a GAD research done by the College on Level of Mainstreaming at MPSPC. All these activities are in pursuant to CHED Memorandum Order No. 1, S. 2015 and PRFC Memorandum Order No. 067, s. 2016. 

Website Administrator, Geoffrey Alvin L. Ticangan stated in his presentation, "The use of the two sections at the College Website will open the fast tracking of the College graduates’ employability, respond on the integration and application of Gender and Development Program, and compliance to the different external requirements like SUCs, and other agencies.

The adding of the Graduate Tracer System was thru the initiative of the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) so as to help the College to track down and record the graduates’ employability after graduation. The system was coded by the College Programmer, Denver Y. Soliven.

It was noted that the MPSPC Website was launched on 2013 under the late College President, Dr. Eufemia C. Lam-en, with the supervision of the then Director for MIS, Dr. Susan A. Lopez, and developed by Mr. Ticangan. The old website has its own graduate tracer system; however, it was not utilized because the contents were hacked due to lack of security features. The College website was upgraded by Mr. Ticangan in response with the government’s Uniform Website Content Policy (UWCP) that gives government websites a common look and feel and provides the government a corporate identity in tightening Website Security and Transparency.
/Staff, MIS - Julie Grace K. Mi-ing

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