Bearing the theme, “Metamorphosis: a new perspective towards change,” eight Tala, The Mocking Bird (the official student publication of MPSPC) staff grabbed awards in the Pintig at Pantig 9 Literary Contest last August 27, at Benguet State University (BSU), La Trinidad, Benguet.

Marcial III P. Pineda, Editor-in-chief, is 1st place in Photography (Filipino) and 3rd place in Poetry Writing (Filipino); Henry B. Coyupan, Chief Columnist, is 2nd place in Poetry Writing (Filipino) and 5th Place Essay Writing (Filipino); Chariz L. Ballada, News Editor, is 2nd place in Essay Writing (Filipino); Clienteast Van B. Totanes, Chief Cartoonist, is 2nd place in Literary Graphics and Illustration (Filipino); Jonathan B. Tuala, Cartoonist, is 3rd place in Short Story Writing (Filipino); Miral T. Catubing, Features Editor, is 4th place in Poetry Writing (English); Denver C. Palasi, Layout artist, is 4th place in Photography (Filipino); and, Ryan Luis A. Lucas, Features Editor, is 5th place in Poetry Writing (English).

The speakers and judges for the college level were Dave Leproso, Freelance Photojournalist of GMA Networks (Photojournalism); Juman Ken B. Tindo, Communications Specialist of Vega Group (Essay Writing); Riaflor Rebolledo, Freelance Poet, Benguet (Poetry Writing); Ivan Jim Layugan, Adviser, The Gray Ledger – UB Senior High School (Short Story Writing); and, Niño Jose Seriosa, Faculty of Cordillera School of Digital Arts (Literary Graphics and Illustration).
In celebration of the youth’s capability to recognize the beauty and responsibility of creative writing, more than 300 participants from Elementary, High School and College levels from Cordillera attended the said event. The Pintig at Pantig, an annual activity of The Mountain Collegian (the official student publication of BSU), is a literary endeavor whose primary goal is to empower the youth in promoting nationalism, culture preservation, environment restoration, and empowering the youth to be agents of positive change. // Tala, The Mocking Bird Staff

The delegates from Mountain Province State Polytechnic College during the awarding of Pintig at Pantig 9 Literary Contest at Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet, last August 27.

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