BONTOC, Mountain Province – With November of each year as the Philippine Book Development Month as stipulated in Proclamation 1436 s. 2007 signed by then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) organized and held, last 21 November 2016, the First Institutional Book Launching Ceremony for books and other instructional materials authored by the faculty and staff of the College.

In the simple formality which was incorporated with the flag raising ceremony, and which was presided over by College President Rexton F. Chakas, each of the authors gave a short description of their work, describing the contents, relevance of the material, and how the book came to be written.   


The books and instructional materials were published by different publishing companies. They cover a vast array of subject matter. On leadership and management are The Management of Meetings by Rexton F. Chakas, Jeanette F. Faniswa, Trinidad G. Pasong, Wilma C. Sapil, and Rowena K. Ut-utan; Introduction to Event Manangment (Volume 1) by Rexton F. Chakas and Liberty A. Tudlong; Poisonoaus People in the Workplace by Rexton F. Chakas; The Doctrine of Completed Staff Work by Rexton F. Chakas; and, Lectures in Public Administration (Volume 1) by Rexton   F. Chakas.

The books which cover indigenous and anthropological themes and focus  are: Inkanta Tako by Darwin C. Alera and Venus Grace K. Fagyan; Songs, Psalms, and Sounds by Rexton F. Chakas and Jonnelle D. Fagsao; Kankana-ey (Applai) English Dictionary by Mary T. Dumanghi; Abe: Back Strap Weaving in Guinzadan, Bauko by Pilar L. Palangyos; and, Indigenous Rituals and Practices of Tadian Municipality by Noel L. De los Santos.  

On communication are Journalism and School Paper Advising for Beginners by Claro Q. Esoen; Writing Guide Task for Future Professionals, and Study and Thinking Skills with Grammar Lessons for Freshmen by Obie Noe M. Madalang,

The instructional materials in Criminology are Juvenile Delinquency and Crime Prevention, Instructional Materials on Technical Police Report Writing, Workbook on Personal Identification (Dactyloscopy), Instructional Visual Aids on Fingerprints Science, and Instructional Material on Dactyloscopy, all of which were authored by Gina Lacaben.

Others are Special Criminal Laws: With Cases and Comprehension Guides by Lydia L. Budod; and Introductory for Logic by Augusto B. Cacap

In his brief remarks, the College president said the writing of books have a fourfold function as far as he is concerned. First, the College President believes that the faculty and staff have the knowledge and skills to put their knowledge and lectures in written form and in so doing, it will further test their abilities. Second, the writing of books will earn for the faculty members, some points which are necessary for promotion. The College President emphasized that in his stewardship of the College, he would want to see all the faculty members to be meritoriously promoted. Third, the writing of books is one way by which the College staff could help in the bid to comply with the 8,000 titles required for university status. Lastly, the published books are a way by which the College faculty and staff could comply with the requirements for program accreditation.

President Chakas stated further that the second book launching will be on the Charter Day, January 2017 and the 3rd will be in 2018. He called on Dr. Obie Madallang to continue his project of teaching the faculty and staff to write books.  He ended his talk by expressing his faith and confidence in the knowledge and skills of the staff and faculty.
In the brief interview after the book launching ceremony, Dr. Chakas said he had to lead by example and had to author books himself.

Truly let us leave useful knowledge to the school, Elmer Pakipac, Director of Extension said after the event.

For details on the said books, please contact the College at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Julie Grace Mi-ing)

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