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         The MPSPC leadership conducted another budget forum and consultation on October 28, 2019 at the Administration Conference Room. The forum was presided by the College President and was attended by student leaders from both campuses, the Vice Presidents, Executive Deans, all unit heads, Faculty Club Presidents of both campus, the Faculty Union representative, Non-Teaching Personnel Union representatives and the trustees of the various units utilizing fiduciary funds.

         In his message, Dr. Rexton F. Chakas posited, “This exercise shows some important things. First, participatory leadership. We allow you to determine, impart, and to impress. Impart as to our direction as suggested by our priorities and in judiciously spending our resources. Second, informative leadership. We do not want you to be kept in the dark on what is happening in the College. Third, impressive leadership. We want to impress or place influence upon everybody the benefits of knowing where we are, the benefits of knowing what we are, and the benefits of knowing how we might and how we intend to do with how we are, on what we are and where we are going. We want to impress upon all, that while we would like to buy everything, avail of everything, we have some budgetary constraints. So, this morning, determine what is better in the face of spreading our “butter”. Determine what is best in the face of our meager resources, and determine what is impressive in the face of economic realities. (We hope that) by 12 o’clock noon, (we could) come up with our strategic priorities.”

        Meanwhile, Dr. Rogelio Balcita, Vice President for Administration and Finance emphasized on the significant impressions drawn from the budget forum and consultations over the course of the current administration as an administrative exercise. He underscored that the College for the past years, has significantly implemented many works and projects which were apparently not funded by the General Appropriations Act (GAA). He informed that other SUCs are starting to take note of our compliance on facilities requirements in response to the call for Certificate of Program compliance (COPC) and Accreditation even for projects not included in the GAA. He added, “the simple answer is that we have learned to come together and come to a common understanding in doing away territorial protectionism (our unit, our campus) and instead have come to appreciate the priorities in the macro perspective, meaning as an institution. The College has only one face, thus this conviction has facilitated resources concentration and allowed funds to be poured into identified priority programs in successions.”

        In the realization of the goals of the activity, the Administration provided the participants baseline information on the budget allocation from various sources. As such, Mr. Dexter Lingbanan, the Director for Planning and Development presented the Proposed Capital Outlay Projects for FY 2021 and those that were funded. After which, the body rationalized the priority projects under Fund 101. In addition, the Director for Budget and Fiscal Planning, Ms. Norma Akilith presented the Allocation of Projected Tuition & other School Fees for FY 2020 Operating Budget (Fund 164).

        During the workshop proper, Student Representatives from both campuses, together with the Executive Director for Student Affairs and Dean for Student Services and Development deliberated on the budget allocation for student concerns, activities, and student development.

        The various sector representative who attended the forum and workshop were required to submit their outputs to the Budget and Fiscal Planning Office for consolidation on or before November 8, 2019.

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